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Specializing in the restoration of ANTIQUE POOL TABLES

Pricing & Availability of Antique Pool Tables and Billiard Accessories

My pricing for each model is based on three inter-related variables:

  • cost of acquisition,
  • cost of restoration, and
  • current market conditions among qualified and credible competitors.

An investment quality antique pool table or accessory at a very competitive price level is my goal!

My intent with every restoration project is to offer my clients an authentic, historically correct, and aesthetically pleasing pool table or accessory at a fair price. Given our level of quality, concern for detail, and time invested in each project, we will never be the lowest price restorer you will find. Conversely, we will never be the highest price restorer either.

If you are in need of an appraisal for your antique pool table or billiard related accessory, I gladly offer this service free of charge!

My website is not intended to be used as a "self serve" appraisal service. For this primary reason, I do not post pricing. For a free appraisal, I do require you to send me a photo or two of your piece in order to ensure the accuracy of my assessment. Email or postal mail photos are fine and the table need not be assembled.

Please call (785) 632-5909 or email for current pricing and availability of my inventory.