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disclaimer ornamentdisclaimer ornamentDisclaimer: The information here is excerpted from the original company sales catalogs and for informational purposes only. It will not always represent the tables in stock or the specific details regarding each individual table.
From Brunswick Balke Collender Co. Catalogue on  Anniversary pool tables
From Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co. Catalogue
The Brunswick Anniversary is a handsome table that combines the traditional beauty of walnut with the modern touch of attractive aluminum. It is constructed of selected cabinet woods contoured in smooth, flowing lines, finished in rich walnut. Natural finish aluminum corner castings give a modern contrast. All of Brunswick's famous PLUS values are featured in the Anniversary Table-Monarch "Live Action" cushions, perfectly matched slates, lop quality cloth, new style rail construction, and advance design, one-piece molded pockets. The massive hardwood frame of the Anniversary rests firmly on two smart, oval-shaped, pedestal legs. Carefully located supports in each pedestal evenly distribute the weight of the bed slate for absolute rigidity, insuring a perfect playing surface at all times. Each leg is covered with a 7 band of Aluminum to protect it from scuffing and mop marks. Aluminum cleans easily, simplifying maintenance. The handsome lines and performance of the Anniversary will please your customers. Its long-life construction, easy maintenance.
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All exposed surfaces except playing rails are finished in walnut. Grooves in apron are finished in off-white color. Playing rails have special walnut burn-resistant finish. All concealed wood surfaces are treated with a moisture repellent. The aluminum corner castings are anodized and polished.
Rails. 1¾-in. thick x 4½-in, wide in the exposed surface, of select cabinet woods, walnut finished. The latest improved Brunswick cushions, of live rubber, cemented to rail edge and covered with cushion cloth. Individual rails can be removed quickly without dismantling aprons. Rails have large rounded contour. Mother-of-pearl sights are located in proper positions.

Rail Castings. Aluminum castings with a natural finish at each pocket opening. These castings have a smooth rounded contour and are molded to receive pockets.

Corner Castings. Aluminum castings at each corner. These corners have a smooth rounded contour and are carefully molded to receive pockets.
Fine quality cushion cloth is attached to rails. A wide selection of standard and deluxe playing equipment is optional with each table at catalog prices.
Legs. Two oval-shaped laminated legs with 7-inch polished aluminum bands. Legs are bolted to massive base frame.

Aprons. Select cabinet woods co-toured to flow into rounded edge of rail and corner castings. Fitted with hardwood attaching member for assembly to rail. Roomy ball rack in foot end apron of gully and pocket tables has four compartments holding five balls each.

Base Frame. The massive base frame is constructed of hardwoods, consisting of two side rails, two end rails, and stretchers. The two end rails, longitudinal stretchers, and horizontal cross members give a positive support to slate bed.

Rail bolts fasten directly through the slate into bottom of the rail, eliminating any vibration and increasing accuracy with perfect rebound angles.

Rail bolts are handy to get at-can be easily tightened by the operator at any time. It is not necessary to remove the table aprons to tighten rail bolts.

Cushion cloth is easier to attach at recovering time with the new type of rail construction. Each rail can be removed individually without dismantling aprons.

The new type of construction removes the danger of breaking expensive slates when fastening rails to the table.
A matched set of slate, consisting of three pieces one inch thick, each piece backed up by a wood frame, is mounted on top of base frame. The slate joints are kept in perfect alignment by means of metal dowels and ferrules. Slate is accurately drilled for rail bolts. Slate is fastened to slate frame by concealed screws. The bottom of slate frame is planed and the top surface of the slate precision ground to obtain a level surface.
A one-piece molded, semi-hard, rubber composition pocket is provided for pocket openings. Triangle Shelf. Sturdy shelf made of cabinet wood with walnut finish. Conveniently mounted under apron at foot end of table.
disclaimer ornamentdisclaimer ornamentDisclaimer: The information here is excerpted from the original company sales catalogs and for informational purposes only. It will not always represent the tables in stock or the specific details regarding each individual table.